I went to Tuscany last weekend. We had a four-day weekend due to some sort of holiday that I’m a little fuzzy on, so I wasn’t even missing class or anything.

It was heaven on earth. Really, not to make you jealous, but Italy is one of those places that is so hyped up that you wonder if its really all that, and I’m sorry to say that it is. It is all that and a bag of chips.

I stayed in a small town outside of Florence, called Imprunenta. The countryside was humming with action (in a somewhat, er, relaxed Italian way,) as of we had arrived at the start of the olive harvest.

Mmm, delicious, fantastic cheap wine and delicious expensive olive oil….The little rotund old man which you see reclining there who sold us the wine and olive oil is actually a count. A real, live count. I contemplated proposing marriage to one of his sons (hey, one of them must be near my age, right?) but I figure an inheritance split ten ways wouldn’t go far. But in retrospect, maybe that doesn’t matter so much…Check out the view from this place in the photo below.

Not bad, right? The place that I stayed with my friends wasn’t so shabby, either:

This property had been in the hands of the same family since the seventieth century, and it looks like it will remain so for at least another generation. Although if they need some help, I’d be happy to step in. Any time.