Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

So, remember how not long ago I was searching for topics to write about for my blog? Well, Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Last night as I was getting up to make a cup of tea, I noticed some flickering on the wall in the hallway. “That’s odd,” I thought. “Why is the light flickering?” Then I realized it was not our light flickering, but orangey light coming through the opaque glass panes on our front door.

I ran into the hallway and up to the door. Through the wavy colored glass I could clearly make out flames.

“Guys!” I yelled, panicked, as I grabbed my keys to open the door, “get out here REALLY QUICKLY.” One of my roommates said that she was sure from my voice that one of two things were going on: 1) I had cut off a finger or otherwise seriously injured myself and needed to go to the emergency room, or 2) there was a fire. In a flash they were both in the hallway, and saw the flames. We opened the door, and saw that something was on fire in the hallway on the stone floor. It hadn’t touched the walls yet- I went back inside, and quickly looked up the number of the fire department and grabbed the box of baking soda.

My roommates with better survival instincts ran down the staircase, while the other roommate and I stayed upstairs. I dumped the box of baking soda on the fire. This took the flames down considerably, to the point that my roommate could look at it calmly and assess the situation. Our neighbor had taken this object- we’re still not too sure what it was- the best I can describe it is that it looked a bit like a giant, industrial version of my creme brulee torch,- out of her kitchen somehow and into the stone hallway. It was filled with oil, so my baking soda couldn’t kill it all off, and flames were still shooting out of it strongly.

I told my roommate who was with me to please call the fire department. (Our neighbor, who we now think was absolutely paralyzed with fear, had not even done this.) She did so, finally handing the phone to our neighbor, who talked to them in Slovenian. Then my roommate put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, which our neighbor did not know how to use. Thankfully, my roommie has been a seasonal worker for the Forest Service for the past three years, so she has been well-trained in the usage of fire extinguishers!

In retrospect, once the baking soda had been poured on, the origin of the fire was small enough that we should have put our giant soup pot on top of it and killed it off that way…Regardless, as you can imagine, we’re all incredibly thankful to be alive. Seeing flames outside of your front door is not a sight I would ever wish upon anybody. And please support the local and National Park Service.

And that’s the latest from Slovenia.