All Quiet on the Eastern Front

The weather has still been blissful. I am happy, and well-reminded of the ups of living in Southern California. There is something to said for consistently above freezing temperatures! I am trying to think about something to tell you, but honestly, same old, same old. I adore my EU/US policy class, I’m still plugging away reading about Slovenia’s transition to democracy, and I’m running a bit more than I was. It’s amazing how much more motivated I am to go outside when it’s not 16F. Right now I’m also working on applications to various organizations, well aware that my time here is limited.

So, do you have any questions for me? I’m seeking topics for future blog posts, having come to a point of a lack of creativity. I’ve settled in fairly well by now, so the weird things about living here are no longer as striking as they once were, and I’m not sure what you want to hear about. Would you rather me take more photos and post those? Talk about cultural differences? Current events in Europe? Slovenian politics? American politics? Slovenian perceptions of American Politics? Food? Any feedback would be most appreciated!

p.s. I bought new boots. They are wildly different from my old ones, and I love them. Alas, I gave into my vanity, and they are very sleek and tall with bit of a heel…About all they have in common with my old boots is that they are brown. See? This will be what happens if you don’t give me ideas of topics to write about. I’ll just start going on about my shoes. You have been warned. Or threatened, I should say. I really like my new boots, you see. I bet I could talk about them for ages.