Jagermeister: Cure for the Common Cold?

In response to my offer of American drugs or cough drops for a cold, one of my friends said, “No thanks, I’m just going to have a cup of tea and some Jagermeister at work.”

“Jagermeister? For a COLD?” (At work?) I replied. I orient jagermeister with buxom women in short dresses, offering the trademark Jagermeister flask-like shots. I either hear it tastes awful or not great, which has always been convincing enough for me not to try it. Guys may be wowed by the buxom enough to overlook the taste factor, but I’m not so susceptible.

“Sure, Jagermeister is good for colds,” he shrugged.

I gave him a huge look of disbelief.

Yeah right.

Since then I have run this theory by other Slovenians, and the general consensus is that, of course! Jagermeister is very good for colds.

Well, the Time Hath Comeith. I’m coming down with a cold, and I need to be pounding away at my final exams and papers. Desperate times come for desperate measures. When in Rome, do like the Romans: Jagermeister, here we go.