Oops. The last time I posted was January 30th, and today is February 20th. So much for writing more often, as I always promise I will do. This time my excuse is that for the first two weekends of February I was busy packing up all my worldly belongings in preparation for my move on the 28th, and on Friday night I arrived in California, where I will be until Sunday morning.

Packing is such a disturbing, exhausting, satisfying process. Each time I pack up for a move, I wonder how I’ve managed to acquire so much stuff. I remember arriving in DC with two checked bags, and now I have seven large boxes! For someone who had long aspired to the life of a nomad and living out of a backpack, I don’t really see this as a good thing. I’m glad that I’m only moving to a one bedroom apartment, which will help place a reasonable limit on the amount of items I can possibly acquire. I can only imagine what it would be like to try and move a whole house filled up with dreck.

In fact, by far my favorite part of packing is getting rid of things. For me, packing feels like the best, more thorough spring cleaning imaginable. I love filling up bags for Goodwill, tossing bags of trash and recycling into dumpsters, and leaving furniture outside of my apartment building for my fellow furniture scavengers.

This time I am particularly thrilled to get rid of almost all my furniture. Farewell, ugly old bookshelf from a former roommate! Goodbye, cheapest wobbly IKEA table! Go to the devil, evil uncomfortable IKEA bed and mattress! The only pieces of furniture that I’m bringing with me are two lamps (found on the street), my tiny futon couch and dresser drawers (Craigslist), and my nicer IKEA shelving (new!). Now that I am officially definitely not leaving DC any time soon,  I am thrilled to start over and get furniture I actually like, instead of things bought out of urgent desperation or cheapness.

This means, of course, that for all I say that I love the minimalist lifestyle and aspire to fitting my life into a rugsack, I am currently engaged in the process of buying or considering buying very large, expensive things over the next few months, including:

  1. A queen sized bed with a real honest to god non-IKEA mattress – hallelujah!
  2. A nice couch whose cushions don’t slowly and aggravatingly slide off as you sit on it, unlike my current baby futon
  3. A coffee table – so adult, right?
  4. Two area rugs – one for my bedroom and one for the large main room
  5. Window hangings – since I have no blinds but I do have neighbors
  6. Bar stools – because I will have my kitchen island and not much space, I’m skipping a table for the foreseeable future

Toss in some queen-sized sheets and a mountain of plants, (I will have natural light! So much natural light! Good riddance, you dark studio apartment cave,) and I will be home sweet home!

That is, once everything is painted. Maybe.