It was my patriotic duty to eat a chocolate bar for dinner

From the Musee de Cacao et du Chocolat in Belgium….

I found this interesting tidbit:

I am only being a good American citizen, when I say, Countrymen! Eat more chocolate! Shall we be thus outdone by the Swiss, Germans, Belgians, English, and French?! NO! WE MUST EAT MORE CHOCOLATE.

Really, I’m sure they didn’t make these statistics up. The chocolate aisles in the Belgian grocery stores were totally decimated, and literally people lined up in front of them to contemplate: hazelnut, dark chocolate, citron? Dark or milk? Mouse filled or solid? Every person I saw in the check-out line purchased at least one bar.

I forgot to take a photo of the chocolate aisle. I think because I, too, was paralyzed by the decision facing me. You’ll have to make due with these photos, only some of the many chocolate pictures I took while in Belgium: