It is snowing outside, and I am drinking hot tea while snuggled under a blanket on my couch and listening to jazz music. This morning I went on a run. My tummy is full of popovers and Oregon berry jam. I feel at peace. I do not particularly feel like writing a blog post. However, if I put off writing a blog post until tomorrow, I can’t imagine it happening at all. Tomorrow I will be drowsy from staying out until who knows when tango dancing, I have a visit to a potential new apartment (trying not to get my hopes up, I’m worried I’ll fall in love with it and not get it,) and I’m going to a Teach-In on Civil Liberties at the renowned DC bookstore Politics and Prose.

So, a blog post. Our trip to Argentina was amazing, it was beautiful, and it was needed. Highlights included eating many tasty things, hiking through outrageously amazing scenery, and long days warm weather, maybe in that order. I feel absurdly lucky to have been able to return to one of my favorite places in the world, and to share it with my mother. I wish I could do it all over again, although perhaps not the missed airplane connection (sorry, Papa)!

Pictures with some commentary are below.

First off, breakfast:


Next, the Perito Moreno glacier:


Ice cave under the glacier: dsc_0533

While we spent most of our time in the mountains, a lot of Patagonia is flat, dry steppe. That bright blue lake you see below is fed by glaciers, hence the amazing color.   dsc_0554

Some mountain pictures:


The area around the Estancia where we stayed looked like this:


Finally, baby cows: dsc_0746

It was a little tough to come back to real life, especially to flat, mountain-less DC. West Coast, someday I will return!