It’s hard to explain a love of social dancing to those who do not dance. I say this because over the weekend I did a lot of tango dancing, last night I went tango dancing, and tomorrow I will, too. So all I can think of when I sit down to write this blog post is dancing – not the decent weather we’ve been having, my functioning air conditioning, the fabulous eggplant parmesan I made over the weekend – dancing.

When I’m in the zone tango dancing, I feel a special sort of  connection with the world around me. My body, the music, moving through space, and another person, all mysteriously and magically acting in synchronization. How can the mundane experiences of life compare?

What’s more, a few months ago I started learning how to lead in earnest. I had dabbled, of course, since it always annoyed to rely on men to dance when a good song comes on, but I hadn’t made a concerted effort to take classes and really expand my vocabulary. There aren’t that many good lady leaders out there, likely since it’s hard enough to learn one role, much less two. Plus I think women are judged for learning how to lead, since it implies that they feel like they’ve mastered following, which often is not the case. (Even I feel like I judge myself on this account.) Toss in perceptions about sexuality, and while it’s not unheard of, usually guys lead and women follow.

Therefore, I find it immensely satisfying to be honing my leading skills. Now that I am, and things are starting to click in my body, I am addicted. To top it off, I can feel myself developing a style, and that style errs on flashy. If I’m going to lead, I may as well do so in a way that fills the guys with admiration, and dare I say, hopefully one day, a bit of envy… Screw you, gender norms! Huzzah, tango!

Please enjoy this video of one of my lady leading sheroes, and also a great example of what real Argentine tango dancing looks like.



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