Adventures in Adulting

Last weekend I was in Minneapolis visiting a friend from high school – sorry for no post! This week I have fewer excuses, other than helping someone move far away. By far away I mean we’ll now be a half-hour vs. fifteen minute drive apart – no kittens either, boo! But as he points out, he’ll be saving loads of money this way, and, even kittenless, his new roommate is awesome.

Meanwhile, while some people are saving gobs of money by changing their living situation, I seem to be stumbling across new ways of spending it now that I’m a homeowner. For example, my AC unit needs to be replaced. Please don’t ask me how much it will cost, but rest assured that it is way more than anyone wants to spend on something so unfun – the only thing equally dreary would be some sort of egregious car repair. You know, something crazy expensive but still cheaper than buying a new car.

Already my AC unit has caused quite the saga. I realized something was wrong because there was water dripping from my ceiling. (Astute readers of this blog will note that this is now the second time I’ve had water dripping from my ceiling, and I hope will agree with me that twice in one year for this sort of thing is really quite enough.) When the plumber came and discovered that the issue was with the AC unit, he advised me to call the AC repair people, for which there was a several day wait. Naturally when the repair person came, he discovered that it was beyond repair, and so on and so forth. It’s now been two weeks that I haven’t had AC, two precious weeks during which if I’d contacted the replacement AC guys to begin with a new unit would already be on its way to me. Instead, since I only agreed to a bid on Friday I am still five weeks out from tomorrow.

Thankfully it hasn’t been too hot yet, and I still have my old window AC unit tucked away in my closet. Now I need to figure out how to install it properly – last time I could fake it by propping it up on an outside brick, and this time I don’t have that option. Also, it’s fine that I never got around to repainting my walls. The removal of the old AC unit will mean that a portion of my ceiling will be going with it, and I’ll need to hire someone else to come and put up drywall afterward.

Adulthood is fun!

(For real, though, I’m doing very well by and large, and if these are the types of lemons that life is handing me, I’ll take ’em.)



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