I have officially become a Yuppie. I had this realization on a Wednesday while wearing spandex surrounded by other spandex-clad young women and being instructed to make sure our cores were engaged during a pseudo-plié in a ballet-inspired exercise class. The gym where the class was taking place is called MINT, (“MINT condition yourself,”) and it has complementary mint-infused water in the exercise spaces and tampons and razors in the women’s locker room. I can’t speak for anyone else in the class, but I myself had eaten homemade quinoa-chard salad for lunch. The day before I had met up with a friend for happy hour after work, and we drank white wine while while nibbling mushroom-spinach flatbread (not to be confused with pizza).

I’ve known for a while that I was heading towards Yuppiedom. I’m under age 40, have an office job, live alone, and have no pets because I’m never home except on weekends. But it hasn’t been until recently when I started taking group exercise classes that my Yuppieness really started hit home, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

For so long I resisted joining a gym or paying any money whatsoever to exercise. Instead, I’ve been jogging about three times a week, plus occasionally following along a strength-building routine on a (free) phone app. Why would I pay fifteen bucks for an hour of someone telling me to do pushups or crunchies when I could do it by myself and buy very fancy fish tacos for lunch instead and have something leftover?!

But ClassPass caught me at long last. I may be one of the last young woman urban millennials to not have signed up for ClassPass. ClassPass is a system where you can take cheap exercise classes at gyms or studios, with the condition that you can only go to the same place twice a month, and if you cancel too close to the class time they charge you. The intro rate through a friend for five classes was $25. I finally caved. Thus, Barre class. And Yoga, as well as Pilates, and even “Yogalates.” Unfortunately, but predictably, I loved it, and am now fully on the Pilates bandwagon. It’s so good!

Now, excuse me while I go eat some Doritos and Cookies and Cream ice cream….

p.s. Apologies for no posts in a long while – between my newfound Pilates obsession, work, a wonderful weeklong visit by my sister-in-law, and KITTENS (not mine, unfortunately,) my life has continued to be crazy. Things should be quieting down in…June? Maybe?




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