Another Doozy

I had a doozy of a week. Last weekend, if you recall, my mother was in town helping me with move-in activities. (No kitchen has ever been so organized, I assure you!) While it was great having her in-town, we were definitely going at our organizational and miscellaneous shopping activities nonstop. Then, Monday morning, my supervisor stopped into my office to let me know that my colleague had come down with the flu, and requested that I to go to New York City in her place to attend a conference. So, that very day I race home, pack up my things, and hop on the train. After an exciting and very busy two days, I return home Wednesday night. Thursday I’m in the office, and then Friday I take a day of vacation so that I can hop on a bus and spend a long weekend in…New York City!

It was loads of fun. We ate many delicious things (Fabulous dumplings! Amazing bagels! Exceptional ice cream!) and saw many wonderful things (The Strand Bookstore! MOMA! A standup comedy show! Art galleries!) but I am glad to be home. My fingers are crossed for a nice, quiet week.



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