Looking Ahead

This week I am more excited to think about what is coming up rather than what has already happened. It was a long week for various reasons, and I was tired often and rather out of sorts. (This, despite the excellent highlight of finally getting a REAL BED and two REAL PILLOWS!) I am eager for a new week and a fresh start.

List of Things I Am Looking Forward To Starting At This Very Moment

  • Buying a couch: It won’t come for 6-8 weeks, but still beyond exciting!
  • Framing my art: I bought a print ages ago, but it’s still rolled up in a tube rather than on my wall.
  • Picking up my bar stools from the store: It will be so nice to sit on something other than my little futon.
  • Assessing organizational needs, buying things to address these organizational needs, and organizing: The stuff piles in my place are driving me absolutely crazy, but it’s hard to put things away when there’s nothing to put them in. This is my top priority tomorrow.
  • Making Brisket with Apricots + Prunes: While I don’t cook meat often, I have been in a domestic mood lately and feel like cooking something savory that will take all day long. My grand plan is to cook the brisket while I’m on tomorrow’s organizational and cleaning streak.
  • Visitors: My mom is coming for a visit! I am so excited! My sister-in-law is coming for a visit! I am so excited! While I have to accept that my place will still be far from done by the time they get here (gahhhhhh) I am looking forward to their company and having some emotional support with home improvement projects.
  • Visiting: I am visiting New York City at the end of the month for a weekend getaway. I can’t wait to eat everything and see see all the art, as well as escape my home improvement projects.

(p.s. I’m also looking forward to having internet, but let’s not go there.)

At least I’m more moved-in than I was…



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