Thinking Ahead

It was a quiet week. Nothing really happened, except that I got over my reluctance to cook meat and made a very  delicious chicken pot pie for dinner on Sunday. (Since I live by myself, this also meant that ate leftover chicken pot pie for lunch four days this week. While the chicken pot pie was a bit of a bother to make, I will say that the result was so good that somehow I still looked forward to lunch by Thursday!)

Instead of actually accomplishing anything, I suspect that most of mental energy this week was absorbed by thinking about future vacation plans. I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Although I’ll be working from remotely for two days, I will manage to be in Portland all week long. I cannot wait to see my family, and I cannot wait to be home among the green pine trees and fresh air. It is going to be so lovely. Plus, I’m also out of my mind with joy about going to Patagonia for 16 glorious days. Adventure awaits!

I am a little tempted to get lost on my way back to airport in Buenos Aires and never return. My work has the potential to heat up in a serious way, which could bring exciting new opportunities, extraordinary levels of stress, or both. I’m uncharacteristically worried that I’m not up to the challenge. Plus, I wonder if the more I immerse myself in the world of public policy, the harder it will be to make a life for myself away from DC or New York City.

But why dwell on all this now? When it’s really time for me to leave DC, I will know it in my bones, just as I have every other time I’ve picked up and moved crazy places. In the meantime, Portland and Argentina are there, just on the horizon.



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