Pust part 1

Pust, the Slovenian version of Carnival or Mardi Gras, necessitates Krofi. Krofi have been everywhere for days now, Krofi here and Krofi there, only available for a week or two. Quick, get them now before they’re gone!

What are Krofi? This is a Krof:

Yep, Krofi. Otherwise known as jelly-filled doughnuts. Somehow they’re different from American doughnuts, but its hard to put my finger on exactly how…I think they’re a bit more dense and eggy. They also have lemon and rum in the dough, and are filled with apricot jam. Not combination I’ve ever had in the U.S. Also important with Krofi are the little pale rings that they have, as seen in the Krof above. Krofi which are totally golden and lack the ring are considered failures, and warrant immediate consumption by the cook, lest anybody see such a monstrosity.

I made Krofi with my friend Jasna and her grandmother in Maribor. Her grandmother has been making Krofi since forever, and that wooden spoon in the bowl? Made by Jasna’s great-grandfather over fifty years ago.

Mixing the dough was surprisingly hard work. We were all sweating afterward, and I will never look at standing mixers in the same way again.

Krofi rising. They rise on one side, and then get flipped over to rise on the other, helping them to rise evenly and achieve the signature pale ring.

After the Krofi are fried, they get filled with apricot jam while they’re still warm. This helps the jam to melt, but it also means you have to be careful so that the jam doesn’t melt right out! That’s why these ones are flipped up, jam-side up.

This one was a test-case, overfilled. On purpose. Not very practical for normal eating-purposes, but in the kitchen for it was delicious.

They then get their signature powdered sugar topping…

And vola! Krofi!

Yum yum yum.



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