Busy, busy!

I thought I would have lots of time. Mentally, I thought I’m already on vacation.

Alas. This is not the case. I still have class up until Wednesday, which means that every moment that I’m not hanging out with Abby, I’m doing school work, leaving me with zero time to post. Sorry! Really, I am, because I have so much to talk about that I wish I could. I guess I’ll have to do retrospectives later on, in January and February. This is probably good news for you all, because you’ll be spared yet another description of the weather, or hearing overly much about how I’m still writing papers and tales of my permanent existential crisis of youth.

Really sorry. I don’t anticipate the situation changing much until after the holidays are over.

All I have time for is this: our Christmas Tree(/Chanukah Bush/New Years Tree):

Factoid of the day: Christmas Trees are still sometimes referred to as New Years Eve Trees here in Slovenia, because in ye old socialist times, references to religion were discouraged.

Merry New Years!


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy!

  1. I hope you and Abby are having a lovely holiday! Also, what is the small animal/lump thing under your new year’s tree?

    Love always!

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