Onward to Somewhere Else, Briefly

Lately, Ljubljana has not been the place to be. First off, the last few days have had fog so dense that you’re practically swimming when you go outside. This afternoon the sun finally broke through, and you can see the white frost-covered trees on the hill next to the Castle. Secondly, I’ve been working especially hard lately on school, and I’ve fallen behind on other things that I’d like to be doing, like studying Slovenian. Or having a life.

Escape is on the way! Tomorrow evening I’m going to Brussles with my Master’s Program, where we will be lurking around various European Union offices, NATO, and chocolate shops. It should be lovely this time of year, with the Christmas markets in full swing. Don’t expect to hear from me. I’m going to leave my computer at home, and just go as is…plus a few books for classes, and my camera, of course. I can’t wait. Now, all I need to do is finish this lit review which I need to turn in tomorrow because I’ll be missing class next week, study some Slovenian, attend a lecture, do my laundry, and I’ll be in the clear.

Alas, my semester doesn’t end until after January, so the stress of my classes will drag on for a while yet. I plan on self-medicating with Belgian chocolates.


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