Thanksgiving Part II

My Thanksgiving last night was fantastic, simply fantastic as far as food goes. I made the best gravy I have ever tasted, the best stuffing I have ever tasted, and one of my roommates and I jointly made some truly great roast chicken breasts, as well as white wine apple-cranberry chutney. Our other roommate made mashed potatoes. Our guests brought “real” pumpkin pie (yum yum yum yum!!!) and a southern sweet potato dish that was out of this world. I asked him about the recipe, and it’s basically like pie with out the crust. Lots of butter, brown sugar, and caramelized walnuts in lieu of the traditional pecans.

My mashed-potatoes roommate also made pumpkin pie, but rather than try to find a dairy substitute for the sweetened condensed milk, she just put in more eggs and salt and water? Also, her idea of “crust” is a far cry from that of my mother’s, who makes the universally acknowledged best pies and flaky pie crusts in the world, which always look like they are taken from the cover of Gourmet magazine. I’m a little disappointed that my can of pumpkin which I brought all the way from the United States came to naught. Thankfully two of our guests were young Foreign Service Officers from the U.S. embassy who have access to the grocery store on the nearby U.S. air force base, so they could just buy canned pumpkin and also made us a pie. With dairy. And a pie crust that looked and tasted like a pie crust rather than a flattened white cracker layer.

The food was so good last night, I practically skipped over dessert entirely, depending on if you look at the sweet potato casserole as a food or a dessert. Last night it was a food. This morning I made up for it in spades, partaking in the other best thing about Thanksgiving, dessert for breakfast! I had both (real) pumpkin pie AND sweet potato casserole. In daylight, the sweet potato casserole is definitely dessert. I am about to descend into a sugar coma for the rest of the day, taking a vacation day. Productivity is hereby banned.

All in all, we had nine people at our meal, an odd bunch, but very fun and bizarrely American and lovely. I love my roommates, and it made us all happy to be able to host such a nice party. It felt like Thanksgiving, tasted like thanksgiving, and I am deeply satisfied. The rest of the year can go on now.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part II

  1. Wonderful! Have you collected the recipe for the sweet potato dish? We’ve just finished our third meal with leftover turkey. Last night Papa made turkey enchiladas and Kat and Josh came. Tonight we had turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes and I still have to turn in to frozen turkey pot pies… Still it was yummy. And those look like massive chicken breasts?

  2. Yes, this is my home, and yes, I did get the sweet potato recipe. Its unholy good, I will post it a blog post, maybe? Hmm… It’s too good not to share, really….

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