Ironically, even though I’m almost a day ahead of all of you, I am a day behind when it comes to Thanksgiving. It hasn’t happened yet for me. My roommates and I decided to hold our Thanksgiving on Friday, because the Slovenian world has no idea that Thanksgiving is happening, and its easier to make Friday into our holiday when it comes to fitting it into our Slovenian lives. For example, I myself yesterday evening was on a field trip with a class to visit a mosque. So, happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

Its funny, though, because although yesterday didn’t feel like Thanksgiving, I still managed to feel homesick and depressed. Everybody is right, there’s something awful about not being home for the holidays. This also could be compounded by the fact that my family holds some of the most impressively delicious holiday meals ever, so it really is a terrible time of year to miss.

I will be salvaging the wounds of my pain and loneliness over this holiday season with a mostly-expense paid-for trip to Brussels starting December 9th with my MA program, (Chocolate! Belgian beer! Waffles! E.U.?) and I’ll spending Christmas itself in Vienna with a friend from home who is teaching English in France this year.

Ljubljana is also suiting itself up nicely for Christmastime. Giant, and I mean giant, MULTIPLE Christmas trees are being arranged around the old town center, hot mulled wine and roasted chestnuts abound, lights are being put in place…I can’t wait for things to really get into full swing around St. Nicholas Day, which is something like December 5th. That’s when they’ll turn on all the lights that they have been drenching the city with since Monday.

People tell me that Christmastime is actually the best time to be in Ljubljana. Hopefully it will go towards making up for what I don’t have with me right now, and what I’m most thankful for above everything else in my life: my family.


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