Weather: Forcasts

Today I would like to spend a few moments commenting on the weather forecasts. You see, they lie. Regularly and routinely, they lie.

Today I was walking around mid-day, and the temperature? 32 degrees. What did my Google widget predict the high would be? 44. That would a whopping 12 degrees of variation. Huh? What’s extra fascinating is that its been consistently wrong. This whole last week we’ve maxed out at 35 during the day, but Google has stubbornly insisted that we would reach the mid-40’s. It will also predict the lows, and be routinely above what the temperature says on my widget.

It’s not just Google. Nobody can agree on the right forecast. See the variation for yourself:

This one is always the warmest. I suspect Google uses it for their own numbers:

See how it compares with:


Moreover. I’m also fairly sure the forecasters have predicted sunshine for the last week as well. It may have been sunny, but only above the fog which never lifted.

By the way, the colder weather is growing on me. I like the sharpness.


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