I wish I could astound you with tails of my adventures, but this week suffers from a lack of them. I’m really buckling down and getting a lot of work done, so the closest thing I have to an adventure was my important class presentation on Wednesday. My group totally rocked it, by the way. It was for my hardest class, and I’ve lost track of how many hours we put in, but it turned out very well in the end. The class is entitled, “International Conflict Management,” and amusingly enough, there were moments when it felt like we were managing an international conflict of our own while working on the presentation. My group was composed of American me, a Dane, a Croatian, a Czech, a Bosnian, a Macedonian, and a Slovenian. Whew! Cool, eh?

Our presentation was on Macedonia, and how the international community managed (er, attempted to manage?) the conflict. I knew absolutely nothing about Macedonia before the presentation, except maybe that Greece is blocking it from entering the EU because it feels like the name Macedonia belongs to Greece. Now I know quite a lot. A three sentence horribly simplistic summery for you: Two main ethnic groups in Macedonia, the Macedonians and Albanians. They don’t speak the same language, have practically completely separate societies, but live in the same country. Complications, violence, ceasefire, more complications ensue.

My other grand adventure this week was attending the International Film Festival. I went with a friend to a screening of the highly International Film, “Singin’ in the Rain.” Even though I’ve seen it a million times, it still managed to be even better than I remembered….Yes, of course they have a huge variety of international films, both old and modern, but most of them don’t have English subtitles. My Slovenian isn’t quite good enough yet for reading subtitles beyond, “yes, no, dancing. Singing. People.” So, I’m sticking to the English language films, sorry. They do have one or two in Spanish if I remember correctly, but also if I remember correctly, both are very dark. I spend enough of my time reading about international conflicts, I don’t need to go become more depressed about the world.

In summery, this week: Reading, reading, freaking out about taking the Foreign Service Officer Exam, reading, presentation, reading, movie, drinking my body weight in milky coffee, AHHHH I totally forgot! I went to USA vs. Slovenia football (soccer) game on Tuesday night! Sorry I blanked on it. I think my presentation the next day overshadowed it. It was really foggy, so it’s hard to say that I “saw” the game. Regardless, it was pretty great. We won, FYI. The funniest part was the copious amount of riot police. Slovenia must be one of the least riot-prone places on earth for a football game. It would be like…like, er. People in Switzerland rioting or something. Plus, no beer is available inside of the stadium! And you’re not even allowed to take it inside! Not that I was itching to get drunk, but I kind of orient watching sports with having a drink…The other funny part was that the stadium was dead silent whenever the US scored a goal. I shamelessly tried to make up for it, but I was fighting a loosing battle.

This week should bring some good post material for you, though! Thanksgiving! My roommates and I are hosting, and there will be a party of ten of us in the end. I’m making the stuffing. Yumm. I will be using this recipe as my guidelines, plus a little sage, I think:

One of the million bridges crossing the little river, and the newest. I don't remember what the locks have to do with anything, though. By the way, I took this photo a while ago. If I took it today, those people would be way more bundled up. We haven't gone about 35 or so for the last week, and those leaves on those trees are long gone.


2 thoughts on “Normalicy

  1. It was snowing last night for a short while here. Nothing stuck.
    We enjoyed reading your post and look forward to more.
    I am soon off to get Herman, who is our heritage turkey this year. He comes from a distinguished turkey background and has good references. I hope his family does not miss him much.

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