It is so cold. Today we had a high of 38 F, and a low of 27 F. I bought a hot water bottle. I love my hot water bottle. It now ranks on my Favorite Things I Own list, along with my long poofy down coat, sharp knife, and my fantastic nonstick skillet. The true necessities of life.

Ok, so I guess freezing really isn’t THAT cold. Why, I have heard stories of the Midwest, and goodness knows that this is nothing in comparison to Russia or something. But for me, native Portlander whose idea of “freezing cold” begins and ends at exactly freezing, (32F) and who has spent the last three years among the Palm Trees of Southern California, I find this chilly.

In fact, I actually find it endlessly fascinating. I am absolutely intrigued how it never seems to warm up. Day after day, it only seems to get colder. (In Portland, we have cold snaps, but they do last about the length of a snap.)

Just saw that we’re supposed to have a forcasted low of 23 F coming up this week. Brrrrr.


2 thoughts on “Cold

    • One of my roommates went to school in Massachusetts, and the other one is from St. Louis. I am constantly amazed by their stories of wintertime! California certainly has its appeal… I love you too!

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