Unforeseen Frustrations

Let’s say you want to find somewhere nice and quiet to work on a paper beyond your house. Where do you go? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the general thought in the States  is that you would head to the library. Fortunately for me, I live right next-door to the central University Library, a beautiful building designed in 1931. (I know that sounds new, but you should know that the original library was established by decree of Empress Maria Theresa of the Hapsburg Empire in 1774. Not so new after all.) It has a very wonderful central room for studying, with rows of wooden tables and chairs and lamps, and is not open to visitors without a tour. It’s heavenly.


After spending Saturday morning at the Farmer’s market, my absolute favorite time of the week and place in the whole of Ljubljana, I was ready to buckle down and get some work done. To my dismay, I learned upon my arrival at 1:30 that the library was due to close at 2:00. 2:00! PM! And it’s not even open on Sunday. Could you imagine the mass rebellion that would occur if the academic libraries in the U.S. were closed on the weekends? (I suspect this is due to most of the student population going home on the weekends, but who knows.) I mean, it’s bad enough that the library closes at 6:00 on normal weekdays. But closed on the weekends? Where will I get my studying done?

Let the hunt for the ideal coffee shop begin.


2 thoughts on “Unforeseen Frustrations

  1. I had an experience in Guatemala at the library in Xela. First, most of the books were not on the shelves i.e, you had to request them from the desk. Second, they did allow the books to leave the library. Third, the giggling and chatter of the young people made studying impossible.

  2. Yes, well, that was a public library in the highlands of Guatemala. This is a fancy university library which should at least have operating hours…

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