Oh, so this is what people call, “weather.”

Me with the National Poet of Slovenia, Preseren

Sweaters and turtlenecks are a brilliant and necessary combination. My mother was right, as always. Thanks, Mum!

Its definitely transitioned into fall here, with highs similar to, maybe a little less than, Portland’s in the day time, and with lows about ten degrees colder. (Hello, 30’s. I haven’t seen you in a long while.) This means that in the morning, it is COLD when I get up. Having lived in Southern California for the last several years, I think I’ve forgotten what sub-40 degree weather feels like. I am enjoying the nice and brisk air, but it’s still a bit of a shock to my system. Also, because I am no longer on my parent’s heating bill, indoors are a bit chillier than I’m used to, too. My pajamas have evolved to consist of a long sleeves thermal shirt, leggings, and wool socks.

Thankfully, I came with a barrage of lovely wool sweaters and knitted items to get me through the winter. (Yay, Kat!) I love wool. A giant shout-out to my mother for handing me down a massive pile of lovely Icelandic wool sweaters knit by my Aunt Betsey, which are coming in serious use. The brown one that I’m wearing in these photos taken by my roommate is one such example, I’m sure eventually you’ll see them all on this blog.

The Slovenians seem to be taking the change in weather in stride. Outdoor seating at cafes and restaurants are still in high usage; people are simply more bundled up. Also, many cafes provide nicely folded and coordinating blankets with their outdoor seating, making lingering over a bella kava (a yummy sort of extra-milky latte,) outside in cold weather a real possibility. One of my roommates even encountered a heated stone bench at an outdoor cafe, and between that and a blanket, she says she wasn’t cold in the slightest.

I am a little anxious about the impending winter, though. If this is fall, and I’m cold now, what will it be like when the winter arrives? Hmmm.


4 thoughts on “Oh, so this is what people call, “weather.”

    • Well, I’m not sure its a common meal, but its one of my favorites here. Due to Slovenia’s proximity to Italy, the pizza here is outrageously good. Wood-fired ovens are the norm!

  1. Wow… twice in two weeks you’ve told me I was right! I told a parent about the last time and as he eyed his delightful but a bit combative sophomore son he said, “I’ll give you a call if I am ever told I’m right.”

    And for the “knitters” out there, I have to clarify that the brown sweater you are wearing is not Icelandic wool or pattern. It is a traditional fisherman knit pantern, made, I believe, out of Shetland wool. Betsy please correct me if necessary. It is a beautiful sweater, still looking brand new and so nice to see it on you.

    I suspect that your system will acclimate to the cold. Mine did when I spent time in single digit weather in Colorado one winter.

  2. Just had lunch with Joshy in Corvallis. He is living with a large dog who is very friendly. Josh seems to be adjusting to college life well. I just worked my first day at the Hillsdale (Fanno Creek) . It is a very mellow (almost too mellow) clinic. We all miss here although you would not like all the rain we are having this October.

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