Slushing and Settling In

We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather lately. As in, floating around in the mid-70’s with sunshine. Then, all of the sudden on Friday, winter decided that if the fall was never going to get its act on, it was time for somebody to take some initiative. The weather then dropped twenty degrees, and it sleeted. Unfortunately, most of my winter clothes are still at my friend’s house since I didn’t want to take all my luggage with me at once up four flights of stairs, so I have been putting into practice the “layering” technique that everybody has been telling me about. It works.

My last roommate arrived along with the psydo-snow. We’re all happy that she’s here, since the apartment that we’re living in is simply two big for two people. It finally feels like home now with another person filling up the space, and the best part is that we all get along extremely well. I can’t imagine finding better roommates if I tried to pick them myself!


4 thoughts on “Slushing and Settling In

  1. WRT photos, perhaps J could pose a workaround, e.g. to a different place with faster upload, to which a link could be included. Point here is to decrease time = effort on your end and only incidentally to feed your drooling public.

    Those of us with GoogleEarth addictions would appreciate any actual location info you might want to put up (mindful of this and that) on- or off-blog. There is Google Streetview in Ljubljana, at least on the main thoroughfares! E.g. where is the social science faculty? general location of flat? neat stuff you see?

    armchair vicarious tourist

    • Haha, I will start taking more photos today when I’m around and about, which will be very satisfying for us all.

      I live in the most fantastic location on Novi Trig in Ljubljana. Google map it and you’ll get a good idea of just how dead downtown in the middle of everything I am! My faculty is a ways away, maybe five kilometers towards nowhere. Not very beautiful by way of history, but a good building nonetheless. I’m not actually sure of its address. Frankly, I only know where it is on the bus… If you follow Slovenska Cesta out a ways, you’ll get there. Slovenska Cesta is the main thoroughfare, which most bus lines run on at some point.

    • I am in the PoliSci Master’s program, “World Studies.” I wish that they’d retranslate it to International Affairs, which sounds much classier, but I suspect I’m the only one who will care.

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